For rehabilitation centres ideal rehabilitation of an addict is not a difficult task. In this area, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Durga Colony, Jalandhar has been operating. As a result of this, we now possess the knowledge and experience required to treat individuals with drug or alcohol addiction.

At the rehabilitation centre, detoxification is taking place because it is healthy for both the body and the mind.

Every treatment method has a unique, specific process where things proceed in a systematic way. The similar issue arises with the detox program offered by the recovery centre. We value each patient individually. In order to deliver the most efficient detox program, our highly qualified team of specialists conducts a comprehensive medical examination.

You may always rely on the rehabilitation centre’s knowledge and expertise for the following:


Have you ever questioned why so many addicts go to the rehab centre for treatment? This is caused by a number of obvious factors, one of which is the seriousness with which we treat patients. For instance, if you experience skin rashes as a result of refraining from alcohol while in the recovery process, our medical professionals will prescribe the right medications to cure the problem. Keep in mind that we have built such a strong reputation and garnered so much respect because of these seemingly trivial deeds. Prevention, in our opinion, is always better than cure. As a result, when people complain, we act without delay to address any issues they may be having.

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