Finding a rehab centre is difficult.

You have found the best rehab centre to help your loved one, so your search is over.

The Nasha Mukti Kendra in Banga, Nawanshahr , one of the oldest and most reputable rehabilitation centres in, has helped thousands of people start new lives.

Fresh shift one.

The environment plays a crucial role in any addict’s recovery and should be promoted by the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Banga, Nawanshahr  A person can heal more quickly and effectively when there is a happy atmosphere and a positive aura. Because of this at our rehabilitation centre. We make sure the patient receives the best care possible in a friendly environment.

Our simple treatment plan emphasizes both medication and therapy.

We offer many different amenities. Which utilizes the best rehabilitation centre.

1.a/c and non-a/c accommodations. options, both vegetarian and not.

3.produce produced organically.

4.service for delivery and pick-up is available round-the-clock.

5.three-, two-, and one-room sets are available. and meditation exercise cost-effective CCTV surveillance.

7.99 percent recovery success rate is excellent.

8.viewing through CCTV.

 Every patient finds the process of addiction therapy to be very time-consuming and challenging. The process of making new adjustments can frequently be difficult. Counselling with our experts increases your chances of surviving and your value to us.


Our staff is friendly and available to assist you at any time of day, and we have space for recreational activities to keep patients entertained and motivated at all times.

So why are you still holding out when just taking the necessary first action will enhance your life? Call us right away.



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